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Digital purchase infrastructure for Zachary Proser's School for Hackers

After several months of work, I've released my digital purchasing infrastructure to production.

This integration includes Stripe for payment processing, a full course catalog with support for different course statuses:

  • Available (can be purchased and started)
  • In-progress (I'm actively building this course)
  • Coming soon

It also includes a user authentication system leveraging next-auth and GitHub oAuth to allow students to sign into my school, purchase and take courses.

It's an exciting time!

After several months of on and off work, I've:

  • Upgraded my Next.js site to use the latest /app router
  • Added a complete Stripe integration

setting the groundwork for my first courses to be published!

Stay tuned!

Relentless image optimization with .webp

I converted every .jpeg, .jpg and .png file on my site to .webp, for a 76% reduction in file size for my src/images folder, from 377MB to 78MB.


  • The .webp format now enjoys broad browser support
  • It is capable of aggressive compression without noticeable image quality loss
  • It plays nicely with Next.js's Image component
  • It should improve my site performance a good deal, given that previously I was shipping gigantic .pngs and .jpgs